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And on this installation of #MYNSMHSTORY, we are featuring our very own Secretary DIANA PHAM!

Emphasis: Meetings & Events

Hometown: Stockton, CA

Expected Graduation: Dec 2018

1. Who or what inspired you to get involved with NSMH?

Cyrus & Kim Robles inspired me to join NSMH. Cyrus was the first person I met during transfer student orientation. He encouraged me to join student orgs like NSMH and what to expect in the program. He kept up and invited me to the board meetings. I met kim on the couches and she pushed me to go to Regional Conference.

2. What is the best memory you have that involves NSMH?

Best memory so far has been our summer board retreat. It was a great way to get to know each other more. it was fun just to hangout with one another come up with amazing ideas for the upcoming year. 3. What opportunities have you gained through NSMH?

I have gained so many more networks at school in the industry. Regional & National Conference is great for getting to know other students and putting yourself out there to meet recruiters. These face to face interactions go a long way and is a huge advantage when entering the industry in a few years.

4. What's the best piece of advice you could give anyone?

I would encourage everyone to stop by one of our meetings or events to get to know our board members because they are all the reason why this organization is so successful. It is truly different than other student orgs and the opportunities and doors it opens is unbelievably amazing. People can see first hand from the board or members that it is beneficial and will make a difference in your social and professional career.

5. What are you going to contribute to the org as a board member this year?

This year I would like to contribute my ideas and support for this org. I think the initiatives and culture of this org is unique in many ways. Everyone is outgoing, kind, and always willing to help others. I hope that my support will better shape this organization to complete our goals and objectives and show others that NSMH is where it's at!

6. What does NSMH mean to you?

NSMH means diversity, opportunities, connections, and mutual support. I believe everyone in this organization plays an important role in growing this org. We are all here to encourage and inspire one another to reach our goals.

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