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#MYNSMHSTORY - Clarissa Sanchez

Meet Clarissa, one of our amazing Fundraising Directors!

Clarissa Sanchez - Co-Fundrasing Director

Emphasis: Meetings and Events

Expected Graduation: May 2018

Who or what inspired you to get involved with NSMH?

Our director Carl Winston actually persuaded me to attend Regionals 2016, and I was hesitant. In addition to the president at the time, Kim Robles, she took the time to reach out and get me involved with the organization. Her upbeat spirit and down to earth personality made me want to join the org and attend all future events.

What is the best memory you have that involves NSMH? (Funny moments, inspiring moment, etc)

NSMH NATIONALS 2016 FOR SURE!!!! This was my first trip ever with my college peers, and it was on of the best times in my whole college journey. Meeting so many other HTM students, getting to go to stadium tours, dances, and dinners with them definitely created lasting friendships I now have today!

What opportunities have you gained through NSMH?

By attending NSMH Nationals, I was able to speak to various recruiters from Hilton and Marriott. It was interesting hearing about their voyager and elevator programs that are offered to graduating seniors.

What's the best piece of advice you could give anyone?

I would have to say: get out of your shell! If I would have not sat at the couch week after week, the faculty might not know me like they do now, and I would not have been persuaded to go a trip of a lifetime! Take risks and jump on any opportunity given!!!

What are you going to contribute to the org as a board member this year?

I hope to create interactive and fresh fundraising events that become memorable not only to those that attended, but board members and faculty. My goal is to fundraise as much possible to have the opportunities and sponsor more events to engage students.

What does NSMH mean to you?

NSMH means family, not because we are an org, but because we experience many memorable moments together, and watch each other grow and support each other!

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