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Cyrus Stitzel - #FACESofNSMH

Take a look behind one of the many faces of NSMH !

Happy 21st Birthday to our amazing president, Cyrus Stitzel !

Cyrus Stitzel - President

Emphasis - Meetings & Events

Exp. Graduation Date - August 2019

Why did you join NSMH ?

"I wanted to find a group of people I could stay with through the hospitality program."

That statement reigns to have stayed true throughout his years at SDSU, as many students of the program have created a special bond with him.


Behind the life of Cyrus Stitzel is a passionate, young man who is in pursuit of great things, including the dream to work in Music Venue Operations. He not only has a passion for music as a career path, but as on of his favorite past time. Cyrus takes the time to write music as he is playing his guitar, occasionally sharing his masterpieces with his friends and family.

Creativity truly runs through him, as he additionally writes poetry when he has the chance. Cyrus has continuously used his poetic verses to brighten up the day of other board members and remind us to keep smiling, always bring happiness into our lives.

Here is a short excerpt of one of his poems, No Bad Days :

"No Bad Days means devouring Tuesday's tops and bottoms, and not wishing Wednesday to be everything except the lesser

Better to know action has to be taken in this instance,

Flanking for freedom so that the future keeps me optimistically guessin'

And I'm totally panicking because I've never tasted anything so.....


Favorite Quote

Cyrus' favorite quote comes from the American poet and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou:

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Being in this industry, this quote truly holds a deep meaning in the hospitality world, and as Cyrus' friends know, he sincerely embodies every word of it.

Dear Cyrus,

A huge thank you from your entire NSMH family, and we wish you a Happy Birthday!

Continue to be an incredible individual and we will all be there to support you to the very end!

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