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McHayla Killoran - #MYNSMHSTORY

Meet our 2019-2020 Community Service Director, McHayla!

Year: Senior

Emphasis: Hotels

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

My NSMH Love Story

I fell in love with NSMH after attending Western Regional Conference in Anaheim, CA, and going to my first networking event. Talking to our faculty advisers and NSMH board members gave me the confidence to get out of my shell.

My NSMH Journey

I started in NSMH by attending my first Regional Conference and two National Conferences. From there, I attended NSMH sponsored events and I currently serve as the 2019-2020 Community Service Director!

Educational Background

I graduated from the International School of Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan. I began as an international student at SDSU, starting as Business student. I transferred into the HTM program last year!


I danced hula for 11 years!

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