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Rozene Pieri Enloe - #MYNSMHSTORY

Meet our 2019-2020 Vice President, Rozene!

Year: Super Senior

Emphasis: Meetings and Events

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

My NSMH Love Story

Denver Regionals 2019, where I met so many different students from across the West Coast with similar aspirations and experienced a genuine sense of community from the event. It was so fulfilling!

My NSMH Journey

I attended a transfer mixer lunch about a month after beginning at SDSU, which was where I met Jillian Tower, the 2018-2019 National Planning Director. She convinced me to come to the Regionals information session, where I had a YOLO moment and bought plan tickets to Denver, CO. I showed up with one backpack and a heart full of dreams, and I was smitten on NSMH after that. I attended every event that I could and applied for this year's board, excited to impart that same sense of enthusiasm on ranks of unsuspecting new members.

Educational Background

After graduating high school in 2015, I went directly to Cabrillo Community College in their culinary program, taking classes like History of Sauces and Beginning Chocolate. In 2018, I transferred to SDSU after receiving my A.S. in History, Business, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management.


I love gardening and have over 85 plants in my small apartment!

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