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Sean Cornell - #MYNSMHSTORY

Meet our 2019-2020 Secretary, Sean!

Year: Senior

Emphasis: Hotels

Hometown: Calistoga, CA

My NSMH Love Story

I fell in love with NSMH at the National Conference in Atlanta, GA, where I got the chance to listen and learn from so many inspiring people in hospitality. This is something that I’ll never forget.

My NSMH Journey

I was attracted to NSMH, because I love the inclusivity and vision of the organization. The first NSMH event I attended was the NSMH Bowling Mixer, and I have been going to as many events as possible ever since!

Educational Background

This is my sixth year pursuing a higher education. My journey started at the Santa Rosa Junior College. From there, I transferred to Mesa College where I joined the swim team. Now, I'm in my 2nd year at San Diego State University with graduation approaching in May. I will forever be grateful for my college experience!


I grew up on a Christmas tree farm!

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